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European Leader Unloads on Climate “Scam”

There was a fiery debate in the European Parliament between MEPs Cristian Terheș and Petros [...]

‘The Numbers are Horrific’: Moderate Democrat Issues Grave Warning About Biden’s Electability  

While former President Trump has the backing of a wide plurality of Republicans – and [...]

Why Millennials Are Poorer Than Other Generations

One of the challenges in looking at income and wealth data is getting a sense [...]

Destroying the Rule of Law in Georgia Looks Like This

By Guest Contributor  – Aug 16, 2023 13 AF Branco – Undeterred The attack on [...]

Newt Speaks – Listen. He has a dire warning.

By Kelly Aug 16, 2023 As a former Speaker, Newt is pretty savvy about internal politics. [...]

The Deep State and its obsession with one man

By Kelly Aug 15, 2023 The definition of Deep State: A deep state is a type [...]

LOL! California power company threatens what we all feared!

By Kelly Aug 14, 2023 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s CEO Patricia Poppe has finally said [...]

Why the United States Lost Its AAA Credit Rating

For the second time in its history, the United States saw its AAA rating on [...]

Seems you like the climate updates… Here are some more.

By Kelly Aug 10, 2023 I have received messages that you like to see the [...]

Election denial is a felony…

…or is it? Democrats — through the offices of the Department of Justice — are [...]