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Can you say “Super-Spreader Event?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the nonsense and hypocrisy that envelops our world. Remember how [...]

Environmentally friendly cars…

Balderdash! I’m really, really glad that liberals in America can feel good about driving their [...]

When will it stop?

Sadly, the answer is probably not any time soon… Liberal judges put us all in [...]

Conspiracy theory or spoiler alert? You decide…

There’s a current theme on the internet claiming that what were once considered conspiracy theories [...]

Does anybody really care?

I know that headline kinda dates me.  It’s from an old Chicago song about time.  [...]

You can’t make this up…

The craziest stuff pretty much always starts in California.  And the real crazy starts in [...]

This is not your father’s FBI

Not too many years before the declining quality of its cars forced the Oldsmobile division [...]

What’s a greater threat to the US Navy than China, NoKo or Russia? – This is…

The US ‘Washington Times’ recently stated that the US Navy is facing rust, a ‘much [...]

Master class from De Santis in post-Ian recovery

You know he’s doing it right when the media aren’t talking about him. The Matlacha [...]

Biden Blows Through Strategic Reserve – Ignores Elephant in Room

All the buzz on CNBC today is about oil prices. Everyone is mad at OPEC [...]