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Waiting in the wings?

Most people who actually pay attention don’t believe that befuddled Joe Biden is really running [...]

Did Barack Obama just look the other way?

By Guest Contributor Aug 22, 2023 We looked at this already, but here’s a bit of [...]

Newt Speaks – Listen. He has a dire warning.

By Kelly Aug 16, 2023 As a former Speaker, Newt is pretty savvy about internal politics. [...]

LOL! California power company threatens what we all feared!

By Kelly Aug 14, 2023 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s CEO Patricia Poppe has finally said [...]

Seems you like the climate updates… Here are some more.

By Kelly Aug 10, 2023 I have received messages that you like to see the [...]

Election denial is a felony…

…or is it? Democrats — through the offices of the Department of Justice — are [...]

Ignoring the silly stuff

by Robert Ringer August 7, 2023 i didn’t watch the latest Trump indictment last week, [...]

Is this a joke?

These people, currently running our country, are so un-self aware as to be comical. The [...]

The one statistic that matters for humans to survive on Earth…and other fun facts

By Kelly Aug 4, 2023 OK, we need only one statistic to prove the Earth is [...]

Unclear about the Biden Crime Family’s MO? Here it is.

By Guest Contributor Aug 2, 2023 If you’re still confused about the Joe and Hunter Biden [...]