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It’s not a win for conservatives…

…it’s a win for the Constitution. Everywhere I read that the recent Supreme Court decisions [...]

House Chair reveals Hunter tax evasion now in millions and evidence of corruption!

By Kelly Jun 27, 2023 House Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Jason Smith, just revealed [...]

He let the cat out of the bag…

We’ve all suspected for some time (at least those of us fond of tin foil [...]

Wait! What? Am I still here?

I guess I missed it.  The end of the world just happened and I must [...]

Unexpected “fallout” from climate change.

How nuts are these people? It’s like our prehistoric ancestors who blamed bad hunting or [...]

Grassley unraveling the Biden-Burisma knots

By Kelly Jun 20, 2023 On Monday, Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed a foreign national — identified [...]

Why Energy Is Becoming Less Reliable—and Less Affordable—All Around the World

By  Guest Contributor  Jun 12, 2023 Cost-effective energy is essential to human flourishing. In the [...]

Maybe, finally, we’ve started fighting back…

Conservatives aren’t really public demonstration kinda people.  Mostly we have jobs and families and there’s [...]

He lives rent-free…

…in their empty heads. I cannot remember anyone who had so massively invaded the craniums [...]