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We’re still producing the same “traditional” power as we were in 2012. That’s not good.

By  Guest Contributor Feb 2, 2024 No net new non-renewable, traditional, thermal electricity generation in [...]

Labor Department’s New Rule Is Bad News for Independent Contractors

The Department of Labor’s new worker classification rule is a blatant power grab designed to [...]

This is who Biden is inviting into our country!

We gotta know that not every one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens [...]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

By Kelly Jan 31, 2024 Fears of a standoff and tensions between federal and state units [...]

I sorta trust Elon…

But I absolutely don’t trust anyone else involved in this process… And I really, really [...]

Biden to taxpayers: “Drop Dead”

By  Guest Contributor Jan 30, 2024 President Joe Biden has transformed America’s southern border into a humanitarian [...]

Representative tells home country she’s representing them in Washington – Instantly SLAMMED – by home country

By Kelly Jan 30, 2024 This is an outrageous claim by Ilhan Omar. Last year, George [...]

Mexico’s “toilet” is flushing toxic sludge into the US

By  Kelly Jan 27, 2024 The storm that hit the San Diego-Tijuana region on Monday [...]

UPDATE – Who is Nikki Haley’s donor, Reid Hoffman who also funded the E. Jean Carroll case ?

By Kelly Jan 19, 2024 UPDATE: Hoffman publicly backed Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll, and openly [...]

Biden breaks down – Secret Service make a move.

By Kelly Jan 24, 2024 Joe Biden appeared to suffer a bizarre mental breakdown in Virginia [...]