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DoJ decision proves corruption is “baked in” for Democratic donors

By Kelly Jan 2, 2024 The decision to avoid a second trial charging Sam Bankman-Fried with a conspiracy [...]

Blaze journalist to be charged for J6 – MSM journos get a pass

By Kelly Dec 29, 2023 Journalist Steve Baker from The Blaze has evidence that the DOJ [...]

Justice for the Va💉💉ine-Injured: A Ray of Hope?

By  Guest Contributor Dec 29, 2023 A government’s treatment of the most vulnerable is a [...]

This is a greater threat to your existence than any of the imaginary crises they produce

By Kelly Dec 18, 2023 If you have had a funny feeling that you’re losing control [...]

What in the name of all that’s holy are they teaching these kids?

I know.  From time immemorial older folks have complained about youth. I think it’s kinda [...]

Glenn Beck delivers cold hard truth to FISA-voting House Republicans

By Kelly Dec 15, 2023 Shenanigans from the Speaker and House leaders took the vote for [...]

A Scientist Who Helped Fauci Discredit the Lab Leak Theory Says He Can’t Sleep at Night—and Is Now Speaking Out

The absence of a federal or international commission to investigate COVID’s origins is a reminder [...]

Like Disney’s Obi Wan Kenobi, Musk is our only hope…

(WARNING SALTY LANGUAGE) By Kelly Dec 6, 2023 Watch this video. Elon Musk, in his first [...]

Watch: Woke College Presidents Sneer and Mock Congress over Anti-Semitism

By Guest Contributor Dec 6, 2023 The presidents of @Harvard, @MIT, and @Penn were all asked [...]

Saving our nation, one life at a time

Rand Paul is a bit of a hero of mine.  He is unwavering in his [...]