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Avoiding Big Mistakes

January 25, 2024 by Robert Ringer In an ongoing, desperate attempt to convince voters that Donald [...]

Biden Could Lose Over Twenty Points with These Voters If Democrats Aren’t Careful

By Kelly Jan 24, 2024 Ever since Obama’s second reelection in 2012, Black Americans have been [...]

Javier Milei on fire! Sticks it to the WEF!

By Kelly Jan 18, 2024 The World Economic Forum’s annual display of wealth and virtue signaling [...]

Did you ever notice how the left blames conservatives for things they are already doing?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is a joke. Really.  I have to laugh any time I [...]

Trump Calls for Nation to ‘Come Together’ After Iowa Victory

By Guest Contributor Jan 16, 2024 After a giant win in the Iowa caucus, former President [...]

News from the Campaign Trail, one down, one punching, one stabbed in the back…

By Kelly Jan 11, 2024 I watched the rambling “I am honest” speech from Gov. Chris [...]

Insanity — right on your television…

The harpies on The View are well-known for their radical leftist rants. I’ve written before [...]

The Road to Serfdom — 2024 Edition

Fearful that they could lose everything, Democrats are implementing an all-out assault on American elections.  [...]

SCOTUS suddenly becomes the “Rocket Docket” for Trump

By  Guest Contributor Jan 9, 2024 The Supreme Court granted a petition for a writ [...]

BOMBSHELL: 200 Undercover FBI Assets at US Capitol on Jan. 6, Congressman Estimates

By Guest Contributor Jan 9, 2024 A member of Congress investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at [...]