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Georgia DA’s affair exposes White House connection and persecution

By Kelly Jan 9, 2024 In the Trump Georgia case it appears there is an alleged [...]

She was once third in line to the Office of President

There’s partisan.  And there’s really partisan,  And then there’s Nancy. She was once two heartbeats [...]

Biden’s Order Puts Bureaucrats’ ‘Thumb on the Scale’ in Elections, House GOP Warns

By Guest Contributor Jan 5, 2024 House Republicans are calling out President Joe Biden’s push, under [...]

How much longer can we hang on to our America?

By     Guest Contributor Jan 4, 2024 2024 will test the longevity of the civil [...]

They are watching you

By  Guest Contributor Jan 3, 2024 The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: [...]

The Scourge of Rural Rage

by Robert Ringer The latest invention from endlessly creative Democrats is “rural rage,” which they see [...]

The Left’s Efforts to Boot Trump From Ballot Expand

By Guest Contributor Dec 29, 2023 Two Democratic officials moved to boot former President Donald Trump off [...]

The Real Threat to Democracy

December 21, 2023 by Robert Ringer When a reporter shouted to Crooked Joe, “Is Trump an [...]

Jack Smith is using the courts to bury Trump once and for all.

Democrats are not above using any trick or subterfuge to win an election. We saw [...]

Over 65 million mail-in votes cast. 20% fraud.

A new report claims that nearly 20% of the mail-in ballots cast in the 2020 [...]