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As Biden turns 82, reality sets in as 2024 approaches rapidly with Trump still leading polls

By Guest Contributor Nov 20, 2023 Another week, and amid more calls for President Joe Biden, [...]

Tucker: Should this man go to jail for mocking Hillary Clinton?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 On January 26, 2021–six days after Joe Biden was inaugurated– eight [...]

Biden Chose Venezuela Over Canada for Oil

By  Guest Contributor Nov 15, 2023 The United States needs more heavy oil for a [...]

6 Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens

By  Guest Contributor Nov 7, 2023 Tennessee prosecutors charged 10 people with voter fraud last [...]

Assistant to State’s Top Covid Official Resigns After It’s Discovered She Billed the State More Than $1 Million

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic pushed an astonishing number of businesses into bankruptcy. But [...]

Even Democrats Know ‘Evidence Is Concrete’ in Biden Probe

By Guest Contributor Nov 10, 2023 Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., says Democrats’ evolving defense of President [...]

Working-Class is Fully Aligning Behind New Choice

By  Guest Contributor There was a time when the Democratic Party maintained a moderately believable [...]

Even without Kennedy running as Dem, Biden still faces challenge in this major primary

By  Guest Contributor Nov 2, 2023 When Robert Kennedy, Jr. pulled out of the national [...]

Shocking poll results!

I’m not a big believer in polls.  Especially after the disastrous failings in the 2022 [...]

This woman gets it! Do what she says.

By Kelly Nov 3, 2023 Christine Anderson MEP believes the pandemic was a test balloon to [...]