Conservatives Must Reject The Spending Policies of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, & Nancy Pelosi

August 30, 2023
Washington, D.C.

When Congress returns to Washington in a few short weeks, they will immediately take up a spending fight before government funding expires on September 30.

Neither the House nor the Senate has passed the required appropriations bills, which means a short-term extension of funding – a Continuing Resolution – will be required. This is a critical “must pass” leverage point, and conservatives must use it to disrupt the Washington Swamp’s playbook to force reforms to Democrats’ failed policies.

Under no circumstances should conservatives acquiesce to the spending levels and policies of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi – and that is exactly what the “clean” Continuing Resolution proposed by Speaker McCarthy and Leader McConnell would do. Worse, such an extension to early December would set the stage for yet another year-end, budget busting omnibus spending bill. This is unacceptable.

No spending bills should pass Congress without desperately needed policy reforms attached that secure the border, end the weaponization of federal law enforcement, and stop the woke cancer that has infected the Pentagon.

Conservatives are ready with reforms. If congressional Democrats would rather shut down the government than secure America, then congressional Republicans must take that fight head-on.