How many White Supremacists are on your Christmas Card list?

National Photo Company Collection; Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

According to our current President, it’s likely — or maybe even certain — that you and I are White Supremacists.

As are most of our friends.

Somehow, disagreeing with anything he or the other dunderheads in his Administration say, makes you a Racist and White Supremacist.

And the Fake News Media parrot Brandon whenever possible to smear conservatives and constitutionalists.

But let’s take a look at that slander.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t actually know any White Supremacists. And I know a lot of conservatives.  

We don’t all agree on every little issue.  But generally they are respectful, thoughtful, human beings — unlike many of those on the other side who slime us at every opportunity.  

I can’t think of one of them who has ever rioted, firebombed a building, assaulted a cop, or, Nasty Nancy to the contrary, participated in an insurrection against our nation.

So, why the name-calling?

One reason, and one reason only.

They got nothin’.

The Loony Left is out of ideas — at least ones that they can peddle to Americans.

AOC and the Squad make a lot of noise. But the stuff they advocate is either blatantly unconstitutional or just plain crazy. 

Just a few: Green New Deal; Civilian Conservation Corps ($1.5 Billion price tag); a fund to deprogram White Supremacists (that’s you and me); national rent control; welfare for illegal aliens; and so many more.

Not one of these issues — never mind the whole, crazy bundle, will get them elected in November.

That’s why they gotta brand you and me as White Supremacists and hope that’s enough to scare low information voters into buying their Bravo Sierra.