I must be confused…

I’ll grant you that my high school years were a long time ago.

And a lot of words have changed meanings since then.  Bad, gay, woke, come to mind.  And there are dozens and dozens of others.

But I was unaware until the past few weeks that “classified” had changed meanings as well.

When I learned it, it meant that it was a secret.  Classified documents were supposed to be a secret, kept between people authorized to be in on the secret.

But now, I guess it means hang on to this for whatever reason and only give it up when demanded — or until the FBI SWAT team shows up in your living room.


What in the name of all that’s holy is going on here?


I wonder how many other senators and congressmen have classified documents in their basement?

And how about former President Obama?  Or maybe George W. Bush or Dick Cheney?

Or maybe Bill Clinton.  And we’re all pretty sure Hillary had lots of classified stuff on her homemade computer system.

Even Edward Snowden weighs in — and he’s a guy who knows about classified stuff.


Donald Trump is the only guy in this who had actual declassification authority.  Yet he’s the only one the FBI raided.

My Spidey Sense tell me there’s something else going on here.