Hot time in the old town tonight…

I really, really don’t like the big push to force us to buy electric cars.

So many reasons…

They are not, claims to the contrary, emissions free.  Electric vehicle owners just shift the emissions to somewhere else — often a coal-burning power plant.

They generate a massive carbon footprint through huge mining operations for the material to build them, the actual production and, of course, the above-mentioned power plants to generate the electricity.

They are unreliable — especially in cold weather.

They take a long time to charge — a big problem in a bug-out situation while gas-powered cars refuel in minutes.

Not enough miles between charges to be useful for anything but local driving — no road trips for you!

Battery needs to be replaced?  Better get ready to pony up as they cost thousands of dollars.

And now I have a new reason…




When are w going to wake up and stop this nonsense until technology catches up?