James Woods’ Tweet was so on the money they asked famous cartoonist to visualize it!

When whiney liberals melt down over a decision by a Justice of the Supreme Court, you can only assume that the Justice was bang on the money.

Can nothing stop the looney left from making it all about themselves? “Look at me, look at me” they all cry, competing for airtime on MSNBC and space on TikTok and Insta. That old proverb is true, “empty vessels,” really do “make the most noise.”

Out in the real world, we all know that the Dobbs decision last week wasn’t really about abortion, it was about enumerated rights as set out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And with his concurring opinion Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out that there are other issues that should probably go back to the states (of our republic) for reconsideration on a local scale. Just as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Other topics in the future might include, Justice Thomas argued, the Court’s past rulings codifying federal rights to contraception access, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage.

But what’s truly special about this session of SCOTUS is that Justice Thomas did speak. After all, he’s the Supreme Court justice who once went ten full years without asking a single question at oral arguments. Yet in one week he has been behind three major decisions: abortion, second amendment rights, and the Fifth Amendment right to pray.

And who knows, he may prevail today, on the last day of this term, over the West Virginia v. EPA case which could overturn the 2009 carbon endangerment finding that is strangling America’s electricity grid, and the legality of President Trump’s Title 42 “Remain in Mexico” policy.

So thank you, Justice Thomas for holding the line and protecting our Constitution.

Fellow appreciator of the Justice, actor James Wood tweeted the great comment below and we liked it so much we asked talented cartoonist, AF Branco to immortalize it in a toon. Do you like it?

Don’t understand Dobbs? Great explanation at The Daily Signal/Heritage Foundation.