Looking in the wrong place

President Biden and his left-wing buddies are dead set (no pun intended) on massive new gun control — constitutional or not — to eliminate gun deaths.

According to the Gun Violence Archive there were 20,138 gun deaths in 2022 (excluding suicides).

That’s a terrible number.  And every constitutional effort should be made to lower that number (maybe keeping thugs in prison would help).  The devastation that comes with that many homicides cannot be overstated.  And it’s a stain on our nation.

But if they really cared about deaths, maybe they should think about closing the border.

According to the Centers for Disease Control there were a staggering 110,236 deaths from synthetic opioids, most of them caused by illegal Fentanyl smuggled across our border.

That’s over 5 times more deaths from illegal drugs than from firearms.

The Biden Administration and the Democrats in the Congress should get their facts straight and close our borders to the massive inflow of drugs instead of chasing their anti-constitutional dreams of gun control.