Sauce for the goose — part III

I’ve written about this a couple of times before.

While it’s now common knowledge that President Biden has illegally possessed classified documents for a number of years, what really bugs me is the difference in treatment between him and former President Trump.

Trump has claimed that he had already turned over a number of classified documents to the National Archives before the armed raid on his house.

And that he was in negotiations with them to turn over more.

They raided him anyway.  And promptly threw out his personal representatives and, even more importantly, his attorneys.

Contrast that with the treatment of Biden.

Somebody, presumable his attorneys, discovered the first batch of classified documents at his office at the Biden Center way back in November.

Nobody leaked a word.  The powers-that-be didn’t want to interfere in the outcome of the mid-term elections — can’t imagine that the leader of the Democrat party committing felonies would influence the elections in any way.

Finally, two months later, the nation was told about these documents.

Then, a second batch of classified documents was found in Biden’s “locked” garage in Delaware.

Yet another batch was discovered in the house.

All without any FBI agents or even Department of Justice or National Archives representatives on site.

Contrast that with the Trump treatment.

And now, they’ve found even more stolen classified documents — this time, at least with DOJ representatives on scene, although the search was still conducted by Biden’s people.


How can we ever trust what happens with this Administration or this Attorney General?

Oh, and by the way, Hunter Biden, the President’s main bag man, had unrestricted access to most of these documents — some of which directly related to his client countries of Ukraine and China.