So much for the Constitution…

By:  Bill Joseph

New Mexico Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham has decided that the United States Constitution doesn’t really matter — at least in her state.

She has suspended the Second Amendment — to the applause of leftists and gun-grabbers everywhere — for the next 30 days in some parts of her state.

So I’m trying to understand this…

Soft on crime Democrats are distressed that their policies are failing to morph thugs into angels.  And they are surprised by this.  A bit of human kindness and understanding should change them.

But they have a solution:  Take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  That will help with their gun violence issues.

Even if lawful gun owners have nothing to do with the current crime wave.

Those pesky Constitutional rights are not absolute, anyway…

They scream bloody murder if you even threaten any of their treasured “constitutional rights” like the right to abortion, or health care, or gender-affirming treatment — none of which is actually in the Constitution.  But the Second Amendment is negotiable.

Must be nice to have no set rules and be able to change them to suit the current moment.