Welcome to the Crypt aka The People’s House

Nancy Pelosi just announced that she will be seeking another term in Congress in 2024. This means she will be 86 years old when her next term is up.

Already the longest-serving party leader in U.S. Senate history, Mitch McConnell’s current term as leader expires in January 2025, while his term as a senator runs through January 2027.

This is a list of the rich, entrenched and elderly people steering our nation through unprecedented times demanding tech savvy and quick thinking. We’re all about having some experience but isn’t it time we put our faith in some younger minds?

These are the oldest members:

Charles E. Grassley, 89, Iowa, R
Dianne Feinstein, 89, California, D
Grace F. Napolitano, 86, CA-31, D
Eleanor Holmes Norton, 85, DC-AL, D
Harold Rogers, 85, KY-05, R
Bill Pascrell Jr., 85, NJ-09, D
Maxine Waters, 84, CA-43, D
Steny H. Hoyer, 83, MD-05, D
James E. Clyburn, 82, SC-06, D
Nancy Pelosi, 82, CA-11, D
Danny K. Davis, 81, IL-07, D
John Carter, 81, TX-31, R
Bernie Sanders, 81, Vermont, I
Anna G. Eshoo, 80, CA-16, D
Frederica S. Wilson, 80, FL-24, D
Mitch McConnell, 80, Kentucky, R