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If you want to actually get where you’re headed…

…choose gasoline or diesel. Not electric! There are oh-so–many stories about the failures of electric [...]

Automakers Wake Up to Reality

By  Guest Contributor Nov 3, 2023 CLAYTON, GEORGIA—Driving through rural Georgia, I have yet to [...]

Why China’s Electric Vehicle Subsidies Failed

By  Guest Contributor Aug 25, 2023 China’s massive government subsidies of electric vehicles has been a [...]

Electric vehicles are hot — in some cases way too hot!

I’m not a big fan of electric vehicles.  I suppose in some cases they might [...]

LOL! California power company threatens what we all feared!

By Kelly Aug 14, 2023 Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)’s CEO Patricia Poppe has finally said [...]

Why EVs Are ‘Piling Up’ at Dealerships, Despite Massive Taxpayer Subsidies

Ford Motor recently announced it is slashing prices on its F-150 Lightning, an electric vehicle [...]

Double whammy on electric cars…

I don’t like electric cars.  I think they are marginally useful if you only drive [...]

Too cold for electrics?

This one is kinda funny.  I keep warning about how electric vehicles would fare in [...]

Without power, electric vehicles too big to be door stops.

There’s an old saying that a gun without bullets is just an expensive club. Or [...]

Environmentally friendly cars…

Balderdash! I’m really, really glad that liberals in America can feel good about driving their [...]