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Federal App Allows Massive Number of Illegal Aliens to Just Fly Here

By  Guest Contributor Sep 22, 2023 Not all illegal aliens are entering the U.S. along the southern [...]

Don’t you dare call it an invasion!

President Biden’s open border policies have created massive problems in our nation.  That’s not news [...]

If they’re such a boon to the economy…

…how come we need new taxes to pay for them? Leftists and open border advocates [...]

Keeping the ladies of The View happy…

New York City has a migrant (new, politically-correct term for illegal aliens) crisis.  They have [...]

It’s easy to virtue signal when there’s no cost to you…

But when the costs start to rise, that’s a different story. For years, liberal cities [...]

Busing Illegal Immigrants to Blue America Is Working

By Guest Contributor Aug 28, 2023 Republican border-state strategy to send illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities and [...]

Fast track call for “humanitarian crisis” from New York Administration could affect YOUR home town

By Kelly May 22, 2023 New York City Mayor Eric Adams said during an interview on [...]

Crisis at our Southern Border — who is to blame?

Conservatives are quick to blame the Biden Administration — and even President Biden himself — [...]