That pesky First Amendment

Leftists hate free speech.  They claim to support it.  And death to anyone who disputes that commitment.

But it’s really not so.

They love to cite the First Amendment when it suits them.  But when somebody dares to say something they disagree with?  Off with their heads!

As I’m a big supporter of the Constitution (except for that 18th Amendment prohibiting alcohol — wisely repealed some years later) I know what some of it means.

First Amendment doesn’t mean I can say anything I want anywhere.  I do not have the right to go onto a privately-owned Social Media platform and run my mouth — or my fingers.

What it does to is prohibit the government from stopping your freedom of speech.

So, tell me, What the heck is Senator Klobuchar doing here?  Sure seems like the federal government — or at least one representative of it — is trying to prohibit speech.


But somehow it’s OK because she’s a Democrat.