Trump wins!

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is historically the largest gathering of conservative activists in the country.  Started back in the 1970s by the conservative news magazine Human Events, it provides a national platform for conservative causes and candidates.  While it has changed a bit in format since then and acquired a new sponsoring organization, The American Conservative Union, it still offers conservatives a chance to gather and share ideas.

One of their signature offerings is the annual CPAC straw poll.  During every conference they poll attendees about their preferences on issues and candidates — especially presidential hopefuls.  And the results make a splash.

My first CPAC was 1985 and I’ve been to all but a few since then.  The CPAC straw poll for several years in the mid 1980s was won by Ronald Reagan (duh!).  And I saw him speak at the dinners there more than once.  They remain one of my most treasured memories.

The CPAC Presidential Straw Poll this year was won — in a big way — by Donald Trump.


When I say in a big way, I mean it.  He got 62% of the votes.  Next was Ron Desanctis at 20%.  Not even close.

I don’t know how this will all work out in the end.  It’s a long way from here to there.

But that’s a pretty impressive win.

And I cannot help but think about what he should do this time.

He’ll need to withstand the tsunami of hate, lies and vitriol the Woke Left will unleash on his head.  And it won’t be easy.

So, let’s say he gets reelected. What now?

These three things will make or break his presidency. And he needs to understand this or fail again.

  1. Clean House

    There’s a book, published by the Government Printing Office, that lists over 9,000 federal government jobs. It’s called the Plum Book and Washington insiders salivate over the listings. This is where so many get their power and prestige. And most of those jobs serve at the pleasure of the President. On Day One, President Trump needs to fire every one of them. Obama holdovers were a huge source of leaks, obstruction and backstabbing during Trump’s presidency. He cannot — and should not — allow that to happen again. There will be weeping and wailing inside the Washington Establishment. And the Fake News Media will sound the alarm about how the government cannot function without these valuable leaders. It must be done. And while he’s at it, he needs to dump all the bureaucrats loaned to the White House by other Departments. If you’ll remember, the Ukraine phone call that led to Trump’s impeachment was outed by a State Department employee who was loaned to the Obama White House and was never shown the exit. This also must be done.

  2. No Washington Establishment

    One of Trump’s biggest mistakes was to bring in Reince Priebus as his first Chief of Staff. I don’t know Priebus personally. But I know his type. He’s a Washington Insider and brought in his Washington Insider buddies to staff the Trump Administration. No Trump people need apply. I know one Trump supporter who actually had a lot to do with Trump’s election. He was back and forth with the White House almost daily as they “tried” to find a job for him. But he was never hired. One guy took him aside and explained the facts of life. He wasn’t going to get a job as the insiders knew him as a Trump guy. The Washington Insiders couldn’t have a Trump guy in the Trump White House.

  3. Shut Down Social Media Access

    Executive order. No social media access from any government computer. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. None of them. They allow disgruntled employees to spread rumors and they are a serious security issue. And while he’s at it, block all access to all the Fake News Media from government computers. Government employees can do what they want from their own personal computers. But not on those owned by Uncle Sam. And while he’s at it, he should block all of those from every government contractor. Not just Boeing or McDonnell Douglas and the big names, but every buttinsky non-profit that takes government grants. Facebook and Twitter will wail at the injustice. But it was OK when they banned Trump. They must be stopped.

There are my three top recommendations for an incoming Trump Administration. I’m sure there are more, but these are the three most important