Why do we even bother?

Every single time I go to the polls to vote, I’m hoping for change.

I’m originally from Massachusetts and, despite my best efforts and years of my life, I had a Democrat Congressman and two Democrat Senators misrepresenting me in Washington.

I moved to Virginia, just outside of Washington.  I had a Republican Congressman and two Republican Senators.

Now, I have a Democrat Congressman and two Democrat Senators.

And, sadly, not much has changed.

You see, much of the Republican leadership in the Congress is not really all that different from the Democrat leadership.

While we expect that electing Republicans will move the country in a better direction, it’s finally dawning on me that they are mostly two sides of the same coin.

Chuck Schumer came out swinging on Tuesday, the day after Tucker Carlson did his first segment on the January 6, Capitol breach.  He trashed Tucker and demanded that Fox News pull any additional coverage.

You would have thought that Republicans would be all over it and demanding even more transparency.

Not so much…

Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, jumped right on the Washington Establishment bandwagon and joined Schumer in condemnation of Tucker.

Tell me again, why we bother with most of these useless politicians?