Why do we keep letting them lie to us?

I’m a bit of a sceptic.  I don’t really believe anybody in power (except maybe Tom Massie).

But I’m also an optimist.  I keep hoping they really are trying their best to do right by us.

Sadly, they keep proving me wrong.

And while I never believed Dr. Fauci, I guess I kinda hoped that Dr. Birx was doing her best to get us the truth (even though she was saying mostly the same stuff as Fauci).

Wrong, wrong, wrong!


She has now come out and admitted that she was lying to us.

And in light of the new Project Veritas undercover reporting on the Pfizer work with “evolution” of the COVID virus (read gain-of-function weaponization) that lying has become even more important.

When are we going to make them stop?  When will Americans demand that the government come clean and tell us the truth.  Contrary to Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, I do believe we can handle the truth.