Why’s the CIA Head in Kyiv? Why is Soros Jr talking “rebuilding”? Did Biden just blow $111 Billion*?

CIA Director Bill Burns traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his intelligence counterparts on Tuesday, according to a US official.

The CIA director’s trip to Kyiv came on the heels of a Monday meeting in Ankara, Turkey, with his Russian intelligence counterpart, Sergey Naryshkin to “communicate with Russia on managing risk, especially nuclear risk and risks to strategic stability,” – and it is the second known time in less than a month that he has visited Kyiv.

The flurry of back-channel communications comes less than a week after Russia announced a withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city and a quiet debate has begun in Washington over whether or not to encourage Ukraine to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the war. It also comes as the US has grown increasingly concerned that Russia could turn to a nuclear weapon in its struggling attack.

Why now?

Well-known nutcase Laura Loomer, has an interesting take on X. Yep, she’s bonkers but she’s our kind of bonkers so let’s hear her out?


Did you know that CIA Director William Burns flew to Kiev on Wednesday for a secret trip to deliver a message directly to Ukraine’s President Zelensky?

US intel officials know the American people are over Ukraine and they can’t allow it to impact Biden in the polls heading into 2024. Burns likely told @VZelenskyUA that his time was up. They can’t have this continuing into the election.

I’m sure we can all expect some interesting development out of Ukraine soon. Especially since Burns’s secret trip comes just days after @AlexanderSoros, the son of Democrat mega donor George Soros, also was in Ukraine having meetings with Zelensky about the rebuilding efforts in Ukraine. Soros wants to capitalize on the “infrastructure” and the financial gains associated with the post war “recovery”.

Not to mention, @OpenSociety operates out of Ukraine.

All of the US aid to Ukraine will be funneled to the Soros family which is clearly working side by side the CIA. That money will then be laundered back to the US to influence our elections leading up to 2024.