Appalled and embarassed!

I am usually a strong supporter of law enforcement.  They do an extremely hard job and have to deal with the public — many of whom don’t like them at all — on a regular basis.  Not something I’d enjoy, for sure.  And the crap they have to put up with from the likes of AOC and The Squad, BLM terrorists and even the Fake News Media is enough to drive anyone off the field of battle.

Now, however, I have to speak up.

What the hell were they doing in Uvalde while little kids were dying?

Somebody released a video from a camera in the hallway, just down from where that psychopath was murdering kids.  It is, for lack of a suitable, printable word, appalling.  And the Mayor of Uvalde is mad about it — not the shooting, but the video leak.  He doesn’t think it should have been released.  I, for one, think it and all other evidence should have been released immediately.

It’s hard to watch.  But I think it’s important to see just how badly this was handled.

These “heroes,” many dressed in full combat Kevlar and all with ballistic vests, hid while little kids perished.  Yes, there was gunfire.  Some of it was directed at them.  But I have no idea how you hide behind a wall while kids die.

There’s even one scene where some guy in full, military-style Kevlar goes over to sanitize his hands — while kids are murdered just feet away — wouldn’t want to catch anything, would you?

I am disgusted and truly embarrassed for them.  Like I said, this isn’t easy to watch, but you should anyway.