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This woman gets it! Do what she says.

By Kelly Nov 3, 2023 Christine Anderson MEP believes the pandemic was a test balloon to [...]

FBI sauce for the Clinton goose is not FBI sauce for the Trump gander

By  Guest Contributor Nov 2, 2023 A presidential candidate faces an FBI probe surrounding alleged mishandling [...]

NIH’s Letter to Wuhan Lab Confirms Rand Paul Was Right and Fauci Was Wrong about Gain-of-Function

In the summer of 2021 , Americans saw something unusual: Dr. Anthony Fauci on tilt. “Senator Paul, you do not know [...]

The Biden Administration – The Biggest Scare of All.

By  Kelly Oct 31, 2023 AF Branco: Dem Tricks, No Treat. As Biden’s overall approval [...]

Think it couldn’t happen here?

By Kelly Oct 31, 2023 Radical Islam is brutal. And nowhere more than for women. Now [...]

Why the Left-Wing Media’s ‘Christian Nationalist’ Smear Fails to Land on Mike Johnson

By Guest Contributor Oct 31, 2023 Democrats are trying to make Halloween extra spooky this [...]

So they lied about the 87,000 new agents. They are coming for us.

By Kelly Oct 31, 2023 IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel faced a grilling by lawmakers on Capitol [...]

BILL O’REILLY: Is Joe Biden The Worst President Of All-Time?

By Kelly Oct 26, 2023 An honest analysis of Joe Biden’s first term can only reveal [...]

When somebody tells you who they are — believe them!

Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  And her turn in the big [...]

Was Will Rogers right?

There’s a quote most often attributed to Will Rogers: “Be thankful we’re not getting all [...]