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Nikki Hayley proving that the Swamp runs in her veins

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 Nikki Haley’s proposed edict to end internet anonymity because it’s a [...]

Xi wasn’t here to see Biden. He wanted to talk to the people who REALLY run the country.

By Kelly Nov 20, 2023 Command economies love talking to corporationists. They understand mutual greed and [...]

As Biden turns 82, reality sets in as 2024 approaches rapidly with Trump still leading polls

By Guest Contributor Nov 20, 2023 Another week, and amid more calls for President Joe Biden, [...]

Why’s the CIA Head in Kyiv? Why is Soros Jr talking “rebuilding”? Did Biden just blow $111 Billion*?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 CIA Director Bill Burns traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian [...]

Tucker: Should this man go to jail for mocking Hillary Clinton?

By Kelly Nov 17, 2023 On January 26, 2021–six days after Joe Biden was inaugurated– eight [...]

Did Joe just name his successor?

By Kelly Nov 16, 2023 President Joe Biden gave rave reviews to his potential understudy California [...]

Biden Chose Venezuela Over Canada for Oil

By  Guest Contributor Nov 15, 2023 The United States needs more heavy oil for a [...]

Don’t let the door hit you…

I don’t watch much soccer.  If my wife wasn’t a rabid Liverpool fan (English Premier [...]

Haven’t we had enough of her yet?

Like a bad penny, she keeps coming back. There’s not a left-wing cause she doesn’t [...]

Assistant to State’s Top Covid Official Resigns After It’s Discovered She Billed the State More Than $1 Million

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic pushed an astonishing number of businesses into bankruptcy. But [...]