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RFK Jr. is absolutely right about this – and Dems hate him for it!

Every time I hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr speak – aside from feeling bad for [...]

Meanwhile at Eagle Pass…

The Customs and Border Patrol App, CBPOne, is spectacularly unfit for purpose. Back out in [...]

Double whammy on electric cars…

I don’t like electric cars.  I think they are marginally useful if you only drive [...]

The Real Reason Obama Defended Porn in School Libraries

By Guest Contributor Jul 20, 2023 Former President Barack Obama just came out in favor of porn [...]

Fourth Amendment be damned!

Silly me, I thought the government needed a search warrant to start snooping in my [...]

The Government versus the People, Kamala Harris Version

By Guest Contributor Jul 18, 2023 Kamala Harris It is no surprise to libertarians that [...]

The DC Favor Factory and the $35 million the IRS has spent on guns and ammo

By Kelly Jul 15, 2023 Adam Andrzejewski, OpenTheBooks CEO/Founder, a man we admire very much, joined [...]

Did you watch the Blaze GOP Election Forum? Outstanding format. Only missing one thing…

By Kelly Jul 15, 2023 This is the way forward for candidate interviews. Tucker Carlson [...]

How does this happen?

I’m no constitutional scholar.  And the last constitutional law course I took was something over [...]

Globalists Want Anyone But Trump And Their Slate of Candidates Proves It

By Kelly Jul 12, 2023 Expect Never Trumpers to re-emerge from the woodwork just as they [...]