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Avoiding Big Mistakes

January 25, 2024 by Robert Ringer In an ongoing, desperate attempt to convince voters that Donald [...]

Biden breaks down – Secret Service make a move.

By Kelly Jan 24, 2024 Joe Biden appeared to suffer a bizarre mental breakdown in Virginia [...]

1,200 Pizza Hut Drivers Among First Victims of California’s $20 Minimum Wage Folly

By  Kelly Jan 24, 2024 My foray into the workforce was a minimum-wage job making [...]

Why, oh why, would we ever do this?

The World Health Organization wants us to sign on to their pandemic treaty. Why, you [...]

Joe Biden’s legacy of disastrous failure comes home to roost for America

By  Kelly Jan 22, 2024 Joe Biden’s presidency started with a series of blunders ranging [...]

Klaus just appointed himself to this position over us

By Kelly Jan 22, 2024 WOAH Klaus Scwhab just appointed himself as the earth’s “trustee of [...]

I know they buy votes with my tax money — but it’s not usually so blatant!

President Biden has been trying to forgive student debt for some time now. Courts have [...]

He’s gonna get even!

Democrats in the Congress are noted for their often-bizarre behavior and off-the-wall legislation. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [...]

Any time you think things can’t get any stranger at the WEF conference in Davos…

They surpass themselves. The WEF invited an actual witch to cast magic spells on its [...]

Javier Milei on fire! Sticks it to the WEF!

By Kelly Jan 18, 2024 The World Economic Forum’s annual display of wealth and virtue signaling [...]