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Representative tells home country she’s representing them in Washington – Instantly SLAMMED – by home country

By Kelly Jan 30, 2024 This is an outrageous claim by Ilhan Omar. Last year, George [...]

What is wrong with him?

I will admit, Trump was not my first choice for President this year.  My wife [...]

Sometimes the Babylon Bee…

…isn’t satire. This is one of those cases.  The Bee makes what they think is [...]

Is NPR ‘State-Affiliated Media’? Their Coverage of the Federal Debt Certainly Suggests as Much

Legacy media are no longer shrugging off concerns about the federal debt. But one media crown [...]

As California goes…

So many of the really terrible ideas floating around in our country originate in California. [...]

What Seinfeld Can Teach You about the Government’s Senseless War on Appliances

The federal government’s effort to save the planet by more aggressively regulating our appliances likely [...]

Feds Spent $20 BILLION On Migrant Refugee Assistance

By Guest Contributor Jan 25, 2024 An all-time high in illegal entrants at the border creates [...]

MTG slays it! “This is what the democrats can’t forgive”

By Kelly Jan 27, 2024 .@RepMTG lays out Donald Trumps destruction to the old Republican Party: [...]

Trump defeats Haley in NH primary – Keeps marching on

By Kelly Jan 24, 2024 AF Branco – Pattonesque Last night the New Hampshire GOP primary [...]

WEF work. Biden to choke small businesses in senseless and cruel move.

By  Guest Contributor Jan 25, 2024 New Biden Labor Dept. Rule Likely to Hurt Millions [...]