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Did you ever notice how the left blames conservatives for things they are already doing?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is a joke. Really.  I have to laugh any time I [...]

Dead EVs in parking lot as cold kills batteries

By Kelly Jan 16, 2024 Public charging stations have turned into car graveyards over the past [...]

Talking of snow and ice – A climate round up

By  Kelly Jan 16, 2024 The Arctic Arctic sea ice extent is highest for the [...]

Trump Calls for Nation to ‘Come Together’ After Iowa Victory

By Guest Contributor Jan 16, 2024 After a giant win in the Iowa caucus, former President [...]

Will America Choose Javier Milei or Hugo Chavez?

A heavy dose of Adam Smith is what Milei is offering, and it’s precisely what [...]

7 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste in 2023

To stop out-of-control spending, it will take more than replacing politicians and bureaucrats. Almost nobody [...]

Science Has a Major Fraud Problem. Here’s Why Government Funding Is the Likely Culprit

The system of “checks and balances” in scientific research is completely off-kilter. President Biden’s 2024 [...]

Got an extra bed in your house?

One of the primary issues leading up to the beginning of the Revolutionary War was [...]

Mainstream media outlet admits there’s “Deep State” coordination against presidential candidate

By Kelly Jan 15, 2024 More pearl-clutching from the left’s media as they scream: Fears grow [...]

Fani Willis went to church and played her victim cards.

By Kelly Jan 15, 2024 Instead of addressing the corruption allegations for paying $650K to her [...]