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Buried in the McConnell/Schumer Border Bill – The Ultimate Swamp “Stop Trump” clause.

By Kelly Feb 6, 2024 We ran the entire Bill HERE yesterday, and it’s certainly worth a [...]

CLIMATE SCAM: “They don’t make sense without the tax credit” says Billionaire investor

By Kelly Feb 6, 2024 Another BS policy that moves money from the taxpayer to billionaires [...]

The Border Crisis is Front and Center in Battleground States and Even Liberals Have Had Enough

By  Guest Contributor Feb 2, 2024 Despite economic issues dominating voters’ minds this election year, [...]

We’re still producing the same “traditional” power as we were in 2012. That’s not good.

By  Guest Contributor Feb 2, 2024 No net new non-renewable, traditional, thermal electricity generation in [...]

New Study Calls into Question the Theory of Rising Inequality

If you type “rising inequality” into Google, you’ll get more than 75 million hits. Can [...]

Labor Department’s New Rule Is Bad News for Independent Contractors

The Department of Labor’s new worker classification rule is a blatant power grab designed to [...]

This is who Biden is inviting into our country!

We gotta know that not every one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens [...]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

By Kelly Jan 31, 2024 Fears of a standoff and tensions between federal and state units [...]

I sorta trust Elon…

But I absolutely don’t trust anyone else involved in this process… And I really, really [...]

Biden to taxpayers: “Drop Dead”

By  Guest Contributor Jan 30, 2024 President Joe Biden has transformed America’s southern border into a humanitarian [...]