Could this be right? Here in America?

Steve Bannon says that the homes of 35 high-level MAGA leaders were raided in true Banana Republic fashion.  The Biden Administration has declared war on all of us semi-fascists and they will not rest until we are destroyed.

This is not just a fight for our nation anymore.  It is a fight for our lives and our freedom.  Don’t think for a second that just because you’re a law-abiding citizen, you pay your taxes and don’t make trouble that you’re safe.

Hillary Clinton called us deplorables and she meant it.

Biden calls us semi-fascists.  And he means it.

Once you’re been tagged like that, there’s nothing to stop them.  They can do anything to you with impunity because you’re a danger to them and their view of the world.


Do not underestimate their willingness to do anything to maintain power!