Did Google Actively Interfere in the 2020 Elections?


Stories abound about how Google, as the world’s most-used search engine, manipulated search results to favor Democrat/liberal candidates over Republican/conservative candidate.

They hid links that might be favorable to conservatives and highlighted ones that pumped up leftists.

Google will claim that there’s no bias and that’s just how their algorithms pick the most useful/popular links. That’s nonsense, but kinda hard to prove that there was any active interference.

But now, we have solid, actionable information!

Gmail, Google’s e-mail service, is the biggest in the world with over 1.8 billion users.

Turns out that Gmail shunted over 70% of e-mails from conservative groups or candidates into either the “Promotions” file or directly into spam. In contrast the vast majority of e-mails from left-wing candidates and groups went directly into the “Primary” folder and therefore were much, much more likely to be read.

Can’t really blame this on some random “algorithm” as this is e-mail and is sent from one account to another.  No interference required.

Google directly interfered in the 2020 elections.  When will the indictments begin?