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Mainstream media outlet admits there’s “Deep State” coordination against presidential candidate

By Kelly Jan 15, 2024 More pearl-clutching from the left’s media as they scream: Fears grow [...]

6 Bizarre Examples of How Voter Registration Fraud Happens

By  Guest Contributor Nov 7, 2023 Tennessee prosecutors charged 10 people with voter fraud last [...]

Working-Class is Fully Aligning Behind New Choice

By  Guest Contributor There was a time when the Democratic Party maintained a moderately believable [...]

Crazy election stuff going on behind the scenes at America’s Charities

By Kelly Oct 13, 2023 Some crazy stuff is going on behind the scenes at America’s [...]

Biden’s Evaporating Support Among Minorities Can No Longer Be Ignored

By  Guest Contributor Sep 18, 2023 For years, organizations like Americans for Limited Government Foundation [...]

Spoiler alert!

There’s a meme that goes around the internet every now and then that claims what [...]

Proven. Election. Fraud.

With the latest cases of impersonation, registration fraud, absentee ballot fraud, bribery, and illegal vote [...]

Did Google Actively Interfere in the 2020 Elections?

Stories abound about how Google, as the world’s most-used search engine, manipulated search results to [...]