Keeping the ladies of The View happy…

New York City has a migrant (new, politically-correct term for illegal aliens) crisis.  They have been shouting from the rooftops about it.

Mayor Adams is begging the Biden Administration for help.

The press is bloviating about how unfair it is.

And the harpies on The View think it’s a big country and there are plenty of places to move these migrants so proper New Yorkers don’t have to look at them.

Now, the Biden Administration thinks they may have a solution.

Keep them in Texas.

If Texas can’t export those illegal aliens to New York and Chicago and all those other “sanctuary cities” the problem for those cities are solved.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks jobs are the answer.  And we’re being mean not letting illegal aliens work.

Protesters aside, the solution is not easier work status.  It’s securing the border.  The one thing none of these leftists want to address.

Time is up.  Big sanctuary cities and states are starting to feel the pain.  Keeping these illegal aliens in Texas is not the answer much as the New Yorkers might wish it,