It’s easy to virtue signal when there’s no cost to you…

But when the costs start to rise, that’s a different story.

For years, liberal cities and even states have declared themselves to be “sanctuary” for illegal aliens.

They won’t deport them.  They won’t arrest them.  And they won’t cooperate with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) by holding them for deportation when requested

Basically, if you’re an illegal alien in one of these states or cities, you have nothing to fear relative to your undocumented status.

It’s in direct conflict with federal laws and regulations.  But nobody in the Biden Administration is interested in enforcement of these laws and regulations.

So a few conservative governors decided to test the commitment to “sanctuary” status.

And the yowling is loud and persistent.

New York, a city of something around 8 million people, is claiming it’s about to go broke due to illegal aliens bussed from border states.

All of a sudden, being a “sanctuary city” isn’t such a good idea.

Back a couple of years ago, Mayor Adams was singing a different tune.

It’s easy when you get to claim high moral ground.  Not so easy when you have to figure out how to house, feed and educate these illegal aliens.

And yet, they are just begging for money from Uncle Sam — not fighting back against the open borders policies of the Biden Administration.

And it’s not just New York.

Massachusetts leftist governor Maura Healey has declared a State of Emergency relative to the “migrant crisis.”

And every other “sanctuary” city and state is dreading having to deal with the problems that Texas, Arizona and New Mexico deal with every day.

But, the women of The View are always ready with a solution.

It’s a big country.  There’s plenty of room for these illegal aliens somewhere we won’t have to deal with them.

What a bunch of hypocrites.  Democrats and liberals are always like that.