Please, make them stop lying to us!

The old saying is that you can tell a politician is lying if you can see their lips moving.

That now extends to most of the federal bureaucracy, and certainly the upper echelons.

COVID – 19 being one of the most blatant examples.  Dr. Fauci says don’t wear a mask.  Then he says masks are mandatory.  And then he says he only lied to us because there weren’t enough masks for us and also for medical personnel and first responders.

But, then again, now we know that the masks they made us wear are useless anyway (actually, many of us knew that from the beginning).

And there’s the origin of this disease.  It didn’t originate in China.  Then it did, but it was from a marketplace where they sold bats.  Oops.  But it was definitely not a man-made virus.  No way.  That lab in Wuhan (partially funded by Fauci’s bureaucracy) was absolutely not the source.  OK, maybe it was.  But they didn’t mean to do it.

Now, new CDC (Centers for Disease Control) director Rachel Walensky tells us that actually CDC wasn’t monitoring adverse reactions to the various COVID vaccines until a year later than previously claimed.  All the heart disease and blood clots and massive adverse reactions were officially ignored.  And then they lied about when they actually started looking at how bad the vaccines actually are.


Do you think we’ll ever get them to stop lying?  Or is that just what we can expect from now on?