Racism, racism, racism…

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of everything being blamed on racism.

I’m sure there’s racism out there.  On both sides.  But most of us try to live in peace with other people.  And the “if you don’t mess with me, I won’t mess with you” rules apply.

I remember the bad old days.  While I’m a northerner, I saw the segregation and racist evil on the news and maybe even a bit locally.  Separate water fountains.  Racist politicians stopping equal education.  Beatings.  Lynchings.  Yup, it all happened.  But mostly half a century ago.  And most of the people decrying racism in our country weren’t even alive to see it then.  Somebody looking at you cross-eyed is not the same as beating you with an ax handle.

That’s all over.  That battle was fought by a lot of brave people — of all races — and won.

In fact, and most people don’t seem to remember this, we actually elected a Black Man to the office of President of the United States — twice!  How’s that for racism?

But I guess if that’s all you’ve got to holler about, you do it with gusto.

Take this old, dilapidated, Communist, has-been:


Or this nutter blaming the unforgivable, tragic beating death of a black man at the hands of black cops in a black-run city on, you guessed it, racism!


Or the ultra-leftist Congresswoman from the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, somehow equating IQ scores with racism…


I really wish I had a convenient and one-size-fits-all excuse for my failures.  But I guess I’m just a racist for pointing out how dumb this is…