Spontaneous combustion?

You may already know that I’m not a big fan of electric vehicles (EV).  And even less of a fan of left-wing governments mandating our purchase of those electric vehicles.

We do not have the infrastructure to support widespread use of electric vehicles — we already suffer brownouts and blackouts in parts of the country every summer.  And it’s only going to get worse if millions of electric vehicles have to plug in on a regular basis.

I know those pushing electric vehicles think we will all just plug in at night when power demand is lower.  But that’s not really how the world works.  You’ll plug in when you run low on power.  And that’s going to happen when you least expect it.  Can you imagine if we all had to line up for gas after 9PM every day?  And filling a car with gasoline takes about 5 minutes — not the 20-30 minutes or more to charge an EV.

Oh, and there’s just one other little problem.

Spontaneous combustion!

You know how you’re not allowed to take lithium batteries in checked baggage on a plane.  And there are loads of reports of e-cigarettes catching fire for no good reason.

Take a look at this.

Won’t it be fun when that’s your driveway and not some distant bus yard?