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New Mexico Governor’s ‘Insanely Unconstitutional’ Gun Edict Gets Court Ruling

By Kelly Sep 15, 2023 A federal judge has blocked New Mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s [...]

Breaking: United States Constitution Bill of Rights ends at the Pacific Ocean!

I love Hawaii.  It’s a beautiful place — albeit a bit far away.  Beaches are [...]

7 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste in 2023

To stop out-of-control spending, it will take more than replacing politicians and bureaucrats. Almost nobody [...]

So much for the Constitution…

By:  Bill Joseph New Mexico Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham has decided that the United States [...]

They’re coming at Trump like they’re French

Against all warnings over how doing so could threaten to tear the United States apart, [...]

The level of stupidity is epic…

I kinda get it.  Not everyone is happy with the Dobbs decision overturning the unconstitutional [...]