Big Tech is Big Brother!

While it says it’s restricted – it’s not. Just click. That’s just Google (who own YouTube) exercising a bit of censorship. Which is ironic given what Brent Bozell has to say about Big Tech. The transcript is below I’m case you don’t want to watch right now. The year is 1984. One company – Microsoft […]

Armed IRS agents coming to your door!

The Schumer-Manchin tax bill known as the Inflation Reduction Act, which passed the Senate on Sunday, thanks to a Harris deciding vote, raises taxes and will give the IRS billions to go into what the Wall Street Journal called “beast mode.” Forbes says: In all, the meant-to-be-inflation buster bill will dole out about $80 billion to the IRS for […]

Pelosi making trouble again

Trump took a different posture from the 36 Republicans who saluted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her saber-rattling last-ditch attempt to win Dem votes by traveling to Taiwan and infuriating the CCP. Like most sensible people who have worked out that this is a TERRIBLE time to poke the dragon, Trump criticized Pelosi Tuesday for […]

Whoops! How could Department of Education Make $300 Billion Accounting Mistake After Bragging it Made Money?

What’s $300 billion between friends? A new report from the Government Accountability Office details a breathtaking discrepancy between what the federal government claimed the student loan program would generate, and what it actually costs taxpayers. As GAO explains: “Although the Department of Education originally estimated federal Direct Loans made in the last 25 years would […]

Maybe, today, we will get some answers about the origins of COVID and the research behind it

Rand Paul vows to get answers on COVID-19 origins in gain-of-function hearing, argues there is significant evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a Wuhan, China, lab. He is incensed that after two years and many US deaths there has not been a Congressional hearing into the pandemic’s origins.       Sen. Rand Paul: […]

Battleground Melbourne – The Movie That Chronicles the Collapse of Civilization

BATTLEGROUND MELBOURNE It took just two years for Melbourne, Australia, to fall from The World’s ‘Most Liveable’ to ‘Most Locked-down’ city. Our Friend Topher Field chronicled the descent into dystopianism. The ‘Covid Era’ in Melbourne brought with it previously unthinkable levels of civil unrest and government repression as draconian and damaging lockdowns and human rights […]

‘Drag Queens’ Pushing America Into a Cultural Void

There was a time long ago in America’s civic institutions, where men and women who had accomplished great things for our country and for mankind, were studied by students of all ages — George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Jonas Salk, and many other notables adorned classrooms and textbooks […]

Spontaneous Combustion, Part II

I wrote about an electric bus fire a few days ago.  This guy almost lost his house. Another EV fire… this one from Florida earlier this summer. A Jaguar i-pace was parked in an attached garage when the owner heard “popping” sounds and saw smoke puffing from the car. The car was moved outside before […]

Another UN Abject Failure. Remind me why we’re members…

MONUSCO needs M23 protection in Goma — Nicole Keza (@RwandaGihanga) July 25, 2022 In 1999, when the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (MONUSCO) was founded, it was tasked with neutralizing armed groups, reducing the threat posed to state authority, and civilian security space for stabilization activities. Since […]

Ignore the Doublespeak: We’re in a Recession

American families cannot afford what they were purchasing just a year and a half ago. That means a lower standard of living, but don’t expect any sympathy from Biden administration officials. Their focus seems to be on technicalities, not the average American’s cost of living. The latest economic doublespeak from the Biden administration is a […]