Biden is all wrong on the economy because sugar-high Keynes is wrong

by  Dan Mitchell While speaking last week at the Acton Institute in Michigan, I responded to a question about the perpetual motion machine of Keynesian economics. For purposes of today’s column, let’s try to understand the Keynesian viewpoint. First and foremost, they think spending drives the economy, whether consumer spending or government spending. Critics like me argue that the focus should be on […]

I don’t know about you…

We have firearms in the house.  My wife and I are both concealed carry permit holders. And know what?  Neither of us has ever been a mass shooter. There might even be a dreaded AR-15 around somewhere.  Again, neither of us has ever shot anyone.  We are trained (not just quickie gun range trained).  If […]

You can’t make this s**t up!

Matt Taibbi is not one of those Fox News/Daily Wire/Town Hall/Breitbart kind of journalists. In fact, he’s generally known as a liberal.  That’s why he was ideal as the guy who got the first look at the Musk-released so-called “Twitter Files.” What he claims to be — and is generally accepted as true — is […]

Massachusetts nutter says “Follow the law!”

It’s kinda hard to take AOC and members of the so-called “Squad” seriously. They say so much that’s just not true.  And Congresswoman Ayana Pressley is one of the worst offenders. This one is a real whopper… Uphold the law and #CancelStudentDebt! ⚡ 📹 @RepPressley — Student Borrower Protection Center (@theSBPC) March 26, 2023 […]

Go woke, go broke: banking edition

Instead of making sure it didn’t take on more debt then it could handle, Silicon Valley Bank was very focussed on non-banking activities, including a recent Pride month. Here is the nearest thing they had to a Risk Assessor. Meet SVB’s board of directors: One is a Hillary Clinton mega-donor who went to a Shinto […]

Crisis at our Southern Border — who is to blame?

Conservatives are quick to blame the Biden Administration — and even President Biden himself — for the flood of illegal aliens, potential terrorists and illegal drugs coming across our Southern Border. But somehow President Biden is firing back and blaming Republicans. But who is really to blame? Biden continues to mask his failures with lies. […]