Why the Left-Wing Media’s ‘Christian Nationalist’ Smear Fails to Land on Mike Johnson

By Guest Contributor Oct 31, 2023 Democrats are trying to make Halloween extra spooky this year by exhuming the boogieman of Christian nationalism. The news hook is the election of a conservative Christian as speaker of the House. Rep. Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, won the election last week. In the left-wing media’s lexicon, Christian […]

So they lied about the 87,000 new agents. They are coming for us.

By Kelly Oct 31, 2023 IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel faced a grilling by lawmakers on Capitol Hill this past week, where he hinted that there’s a chance that the agency will—contrary to its repeated pledges—increase tax audits of Americans earning under $400,000. The question of whether the IRS will use some of the $80 billion or […]

Gun Control Advocates Ignore What the Founding Fathers Really Thought

In all my years of existence, the Second Amendment of our Constitution has always been considered controversial. Opponents claim it is the cause of gun violence. Proponents assert that it helps guarantee freedom and safety. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep […]

When somebody tells you who they are — believe them!

Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  And her turn in the big chair could come at any moment. So when she makes a policy pronouncement, we need to take it seriously.  She is likely talking about Administration policy, but even if she isn’t it could be policy any day now. So when […]

Was Will Rogers right?

There’s a quote most often attributed to Will Rogers: “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re actually paying for.” Whether it was him or not is often debated, but the gist of the quote is true — even more so now. The Government Accountability Office surveyed two dozen federal agencies and found they […]

You can’t stay here!

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams, wants to get rid of “migrants” (formerly illegal aliens).  And he’s using the same technique he condemned when used to send these “migrants” to New York in the first place. This was Adams just a few years ago… pic.twitter.com/NUo87iRMah — Kage Spatz (@KageSpatz) September 7, 2023 Then he changed […]

How the elites manipulate us and keep us tame

By Kelly Oct 26, 2023 Spiro Skouras and Rosa Koire discuss and break down how the United Nations’ long standing global governance agendas are materializing before our eyes hidden just beneath the veil of global crisis and social injustice. Author of ‘Behind the Green Mask’, the late Rosa Koire, describes how ruling “elites” invent crises—from “climate […]

Who, exactly, is Mike Johnson?

Mike Johnson is a bit of an enigma to most of us. He’s not loud and confrontational.  He has not been a big TV attention-getter.  In fact, many of us had never heard of him except in passing. But now, he’s the 56th Speaker of the House. A member of the Republican Party, Johnson has […]

A fitting memorial…

The federal building in San Francisco, named after former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is now an open air drug market standing mostly empty as government employees have been warned not to dare to come in to work. 🧵An abandoned tower looms 18-stories into the sky. Zombie-like bodies with blank stares shake & stumble […]