The evil party

Can you imagine anyone actually thinking this, never mind saying it. It’s pure evil.  Right out of the (real) NAZI playbook. Hitler got rid of anyone he considered “undesirable.”  Started with “defectives” and moved on to gays and gypsies and Jews. This fine example of the Democrat party wants to start in exactly the same […]

High School Freshman DESTROYS School Board Then Does Something Unexpected

Watch to the end. This 15-year old kid is smart and articulate. He destroys the school’s policies on equity and diversity and makes a good case for these having caused racism where none had been before. But it’s his last few lines that make an excellent point and cause the Board to look shell-shocked. Transcript […]

A slip of the tongue, or the real truth?

We’ve been suspecting this for a while now. Nobody with half a brain really believes that President Biden runs things.  He just doesn’t have the ability (if he ever did) to manage the federal government. I don’t care how many underlings he has, he is too befuddled to make the right decision — pretty much […]

FOX host melts down in spectacular fashion! (He’s right!)

Charles has a meltdown – “Let’s burn all the books, they can’t read anyway!” Anyone else tired of the bullshit? — Charles V Payne (@cvpayne) February 22, 2023 He’s right! Chicago Chicago Democrat sounds alarm as 55 schools report no proficiency in math or reading: Raising victims rather than productive adults with real life […]

Congressman Schiff is a jerk!

This guy exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the Democrat party.  He’s a first-class leaker, a proven liar, a woke idiot and so much more. And yet, he’s accusing Tucker Carlson of somehow being a Russian stooge and conspiracy theorist (does everyone remember seeing all the evidence Schiff promised he had condemning Trump in his Russia […]

Conservative hero ousted

I’m just going to post this without much comment (unlike me).  I am a great admirer of James O’Keefe and the work he’s done exposing evil at Project Veritas.  I have no idea why this has happened so I’m not going to judge, but I am extremely sad it has come to this. ‘HEARTFELT REMARKS’: […]

What is wrong with these people?

I guess when you only have one arrow in your quiver, you just keep using it, no matter how bent and broken it is. So it is with the leftists parading as journalists these days. They really don’t have any agenda other than hating conservatives.  And they probably realize, secretly, that most of the country […]

Masters of the World!

I’ve written about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum before. They are evil.  (I know I’m not supposed to say that, but it’s true.) They want to run the world.  And it’s all the usual suspects — the elites who think they know what’s best for us (and for their bank accounts).  It’s all […]

It’s not enough anymore to just call us racists…

While this makes me angry, mostly it makes me sad. Democrats call conservatives racist about every 10-15 seconds.  It’s lost its power.  But it’s all they have. Until now. The President of the United States is now claiming that conservatives want to lynch black people. You and I both know that happened some time ago.  […]

Can anybody tell me…

…why this chucklehead is still on the air????   Don Lemon: “Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime. Sorry, when a woman is considered to be in her prime in her 20s, and 30s, and maybe 40s…” Poppy Harlow: “Are you talking about prime for like child bearing?” “Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m just saying what […]