Did the House GOP Really Kill the IRS Jobs or is it Swamp Theater?

🚨 BREAKING → The House just voted to repeal funding for Biden’s 87,000 new IRS agents. Every Democrat voted no. Tells you all you need to know. — Steve Scalise (@SteveScalise) January 10, 2023 The 87,000 IRS agents will not be repealed by the Senate. The days of impotent message votes designed to fuel reelection […]

Black Homicide Rates Are Back at ’90s Levels. The Problem Isn’t the Guns.

The Left loves to talk about “disparate impact”—until it interferes with its narratives. A recently released study found that homicide rates for black men have shot back up to the extremely high levels of the early 1990s. If black lives truly matter, stemming the sudden explosion in violent crime where black men are primarily the […]

Sauce for the goose…

My Mom used to say “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”  That translated to my sister and I got like punishments whenever we got into scraps. I kinda like that as a way to say we should all get equal treatment under the law.  If I break into your house and steal […]

Facebook collusion!

Turns out that Facebook isn’t just a passive player in the whole “disinformation” game. They actively sought out government employees to get the “official” line on what to allow and disallow in discussions on COVID vaccines. Here’s a major social media company colluding with Biden Administration officials to limit free speech. Clear violation of the […]

One more government violation of your freedom.

The federal government — and that includes both Democrats and Republicans — want to limit your freedom. In a country built on the idea of individual liberty, that liberty has become inconvenient for those governing us. They want to rule us.  They want us to be subjects, not citizens. And they use every little opportunity […]

How the Speaker Election Went Down and What Concessions were Wrung

I hope one thing is clear after this week: I will never give up. And I will never give up for you, the American people. https://t.co/uLqPKa1maZ — Kevin McCarthy (@SpeakerMcCarthy) January 7, 2023 It took 15 rounds of voting, some very determined fighting by the Freedom Caucus, and President Trump’s direct intercession but Kevin McCarthy […]

Without power, electric vehicles too big to be door stops.

There’s an old saying that a gun without bullets is just an expensive club. Or the one that says a computer without electricity is just an expensive paperweight. But when you cannot charge that expensive electric car, it’s not even useful as a doorstop.  It’s just too darn big. Mostly it’s just in the way… […]

Reparations for this?

We know Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is a leftist.  She was elected from Cambridge, Massachusetts for Heaven’s sake.  Home of Harvard.  And a bunch of really, really leftist professors and administrators and students and hangers-on. No big surprise she’s way beyond Woke. But this one takes the cake. Congresswoman Pressley things reparations are due for the […]

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…

I’ve written about this nutter from the New York Times on several occasions.  She’s the “journalist” that doxed Libs of TikTok and forced the woman running it into hiding.  Taylor Lorenz is one of the really nasty ones.  And she cries when anybody calls her out on her nastiness. This time she’s out-and-out lying to […]