CDC Needs To Have Its Regulatory Wings Clipped

Few people realize that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was founded in the immediate aftermath of World War II for a limited and very specific purpose – to eradicate malaria. In recent decades, however, the Atlanta-based bureaucracy has become the poster child for regulatory mission creep.   Its huge regulatory wings need […]

Democrats’ ‘Ghost Gun’ Apparition

Gun control measures enacted in recent decades have failed to stop mass shootings. This has baffled Democrats in much the same way a dog chases its tail but never quite catches it. Even the liberal Los Angeles Times appeared exasperated by the latest criminal mass shooting near the state Capitol in Sacramento, lamenting that, while state “lawmakers […]

Did Google Actively Interfere in the 2020 Elections?

Stories abound about how Google, as the world’s most-used search engine, manipulated search results to favor Democrat/liberal candidates over Republican/conservative candidate. They hid links that might be favorable to conservatives and highlighted ones that pumped up leftists. Google will claim that there’s no bias and that’s just how their algorithms pick the most useful/popular links. […]

Stan Evans

It looks like the GOP might do pretty well in November (but let’s not discount their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory). But let’s go with the current predictions.  Big Republican win! Then what? If history is any teacher.  Then nothing. How many times have we elected Republicans based on their promises […]

Matt Gaetz Demand STUNS Democrats, Befuddles Nadler

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Oversight of the FBI’s Cyber Division, FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Bryan Vorndran allegedly testified to Congress. After some grueling questioning, Congressman Matt Gaetz got pissed at his non answers and submitted the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the official record – stunning Democrats who had no […]