First Amendment be damned!

I’ll bet you thought that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution set out an inviolable set of rights for American citizens. At least that’s what I was taught many years ago in school. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The unelected bureaucrats that really run things in Washington have an […]

Where is the Transportation Secretary? More interested in polishing his woke credentials?

🚨#BREAKING: Vinyl Chloride, a deadly chemical has “contaminated the Ohio River due to train derailment ⁰⁰📌#EastPalestine | #Ohio ⁰⁰The Ohio River, which serves over 10% of the US Population, has reportedly become contaminated due to chemicals from the East Palestine train… — R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) […]

Biden Keeps Making Claims About Economy That Just Aren’t True

President Joe Biden has gotten into a revisionist history habit. He has repeatedly claimed that he inherited an economic disaster. It was his policies, he alleges, which brought us back from the brink—and Biden is likely to repeat that narrative in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. The only problem with Biden’s […]

UFO size of small car downed over Alaska

John Kirby, a national security spokesperson for the White House, said the Defense Department was tracking a “high-altitude object” over Alaska at 40,000 feet that posed “a reasonable threat to the safety of civilian flight. Fighter aircraft assigned US Northern Command successfully took down a high altitude object over Alaska at 1:45PM EST Feb 10th over […]

Federal Government Spending Is Out of Control and Unsustainable. This State Shows The Way to Reduce Spending.

The Biden administration has increased federal government spending by a record $3.4 trillion since January 2021. That includes such signature bills as the American Rescue Plan Act of $1.8 trillion, the Inflation Reduction Act of $50.6 billion, and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of $764.9 billion. As well as providing official costings for those bills, the Congressional Budget Office […]

More lies…

I’ve written about this recently, but it just keeps on coming. Democrats push the lie that Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare whenever they don’t have anything else to beat the opposition with. Now, our President joins the fray.   Republicans have literally said multiple times they are not cutting Social Security or […]

Hunter’s Dad finally gives the OK.

President Joe Biden finally allows the U.S. Military to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon. Our government has known about this spy device for a week.  It transited the country.  And they didn’t bother to tell us about it until some newspaper outed them. What, exactly, are they doing in the White House? Chinese spy […]

Is this the end of the world? Some people seem to think so.

Ilhan Omar is a radical leftist Congresswoman from the Fifth District of Minnesota. And she pretty much thinks the world revolves around her.  And that she can say and do anything with no blowback. She might be wrong. First, she claims that it will harm national security if she doesn’t get what she wants. WATCH: […]