Can she be serious?

I thought we’d stopped listening to her some time ago — at least I did. Greta Thunberg had her 15 minutes and should go away now. But it seems she’s back with some of the most absurd nonsense yet. You gotta watch this one… Is she serious? — Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) October 24, 2023 […]

Feds internal memo warns of terror on border

By Guest Contributor Oct 23, 2023 Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz raised concerns about a federal memo exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation warning about Hamas and other terrorist organizations possibly crossing the southern border during an episode of his podcast that aired Monday. Ted Cruz Raises Concerns Over Federal Memo We Obtained Warning Hamas, […]

Who can you believe? Hamas supporters, the MSM mouthpiece or witnesses?

By Kelly Oct 23, 2023 Roughly 5,000 people gathered in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon to demand an end to “Israel’s bombing of Gaza,” according to a joint statement by the organizers of the rally, the Minnesota Anti-War Committee, the state chapter of the American Muslims for Palestine and the Students for Justice in Palestine at the […]

A Radical on Race, the Environment, and Taxes, Is RFK Jr. a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

By  Guest Contributor Oct 23, 2023 Why is militant environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being elevated in conservative circles, when his radical record on environmentalism and pursuit of extremist “racial justice” are threats to civil society? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made waves this spring because he appeared to address growing mistrust on the right about […]

Tucker reveals the truth about George Floyd.

Tucker Carlson has been on fire since let go from Fox News.  His shows on X (formerly Twitter) are legendary. No longer is he stifled by corporate rules and politically correct overseers.  Now he can go long-form and tell the truth.  Let the chips fall where they may. And this one is a doozy… Ep. […]

Kissinger NOW says importing multiculturalism was a”grave mistake”

By Kelly Oct 20, 2023 When WEF leader Klaus Schwab’s mentor, Henry Kissinger, says it was “a grave mistake” to import so many people of totally different cultures and religions into the West, because of the tensions that arise as a result of that, you need to starting questioning how and why it happened. If “divide […]

America funding Hamas!

President Biden has decided that America should send $100 Million to Palestine for “humanitarian” aid. We’ve been sending hundreds of millions of dollars there for decades. Has the plight of Palestinian people gotten any better? Nope! That money went into arms, missiles and Swiss bank accounts. Not into food and medical supplies for these people. […]

Biden’s Failures on Economy, Immigration, and Foreign Policy are Driving These Voters Away – What is The GOP Doing? (Hint: Not much)

By  Guest Contributor Oct 20, 2023 President Biden’s failures with young voters goes far beyond the crippling double-digit declines in support he is suffering across battleground states compared to 2020. Democrats are utterly failing to secure loyalty from Gen Z leading into the 2024 election and are facing lower approval ratings from Zoomers than they are from […]

Very sound reasons why America Shouldn’t Resettle Palestinians

By  Kelly Oct 20, 2023 As if they haven’t done enough damage to the U.S. with their open-borders agenda, progressives now call for America to resettle Palestinian “refugees” from the Israel-Hamas war. Americans, including all rational leaders, must strongly and successfully reject this demand. Socialist leaders of the past would be proud of how the […]