FBI too busy…

We now know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been VERY involved in suppressing conservative speech on social media platforms for years now.  And that there were FBI agents embedded at Twitter and presumably Facebook and the others as well. In fact there was a line item budgeting for FBI oversight of speech.  Again, […]

That pesky First Amendment

Leftists hate free speech.  They claim to support it.  And death to anyone who disputes that commitment. But it’s really not so. They love to cite the First Amendment when it suits them.  But when somebody dares to say something they disagree with?  Off with their heads! As I’m a big supporter of the Constitution […]

Congress Takes Biden’s Crack Pipes Away

A measure slipped into the Democrats’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending spree ends a program to provide Americans with taxpayer-funded crack pipes. “Tucked on page 3,128 of the nearly 4,700-page bill is a provision that says federal dollars cannot be used to ‘purchase, procure, or distribute pipes or cylindrical objects intended to be used to smoke or […]

FIXED: California’s ban on big rigs and buses goes into effect

Large trucks and buses made before 2010 are now prohibited from operating on California roadways. It’s the final rule in a set of clean air regulations the California Air Resources Board passed nearly 15 years ago by then governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not however the final rule for diesel trucks (remember when the left […]

Can you say “Super-Spreader Event?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe the nonsense and hypocrisy that envelops our world. Remember how just a few short months ago we were forbidden by our rulers to even gather with family on major holidays.  No July 4th for you!  Thanksgiving?  No more than immediate family!  Christmas?  No traveling.  Stay put and keep your mask […]

Environmentally friendly cars…

Balderdash! I’m really, really glad that liberals in America can feel good about driving their electric vehicles… …and saving the planet! Those “emission-free” cars are all the rage in the better neighborhoods (and, BTW, they’re not emission-free, we’ve just moved the emissions from their car to a coal-fired power plant). In some circles, you’re shunned […]

Conspiracy theory or spoiler alert? You decide…

There’s a current theme on the internet claiming that what were once considered conspiracy theories are, in reality, spoiler alerts. We see it over and over.  COVID was created in a lab.  No way!  Oops, maybe that’s right after all.  And there are more. The latest is the Great Reset.  The thugs at the World […]

Does anybody really care?

I know that headline kinda dates me.  It’s from an old Chicago song about time.  But it seems appropriate now in a different application. Our Southern Border is being overrun.  The Supreme Court decision upholding Title 42 (limits the tsunami a bit) is only a partial and temporary stemming of the flow. Thousands of illegal […]