Sometimes the Babylon Bee…

…isn’t satire. This is one of those cases.  The Bee makes what they think is a joke. But it’s way too close to the truth to be funny. Supreme Court Rules Texas Must Replace Barbed Wire With Giant Red Carpet — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) January 28, 2024 I have no idea what […]

Is NPR ‘State-Affiliated Media’? Their Coverage of the Federal Debt Certainly Suggests as Much

Legacy media are no longer shrugging off concerns about the federal debt. But one media crown jewel informed listeners they had little to fear from this mountain of public debt. Thursday, January 25, 2024 In late December, after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen borrowed $90 billion in just one day, the federal government’s public debt eclipsed $34 trillion […]

As California goes…

So many of the really terrible ideas floating around in our country originate in California. Whacko environmental rules.  Electric vehicle mandates.  Outlawing independent contractors.  And so much more. Now they have a new one… California may become the first state to require new vehicles to be equipped with “speed governors.” In a bill introduced this […]

Mexico’s “toilet” is flushing toxic sludge into the US

By  Kelly Jan 27, 2024 The storm that hit the San Diego-Tijuana region on Monday sent more than 14,000,000,000 gallons of sewage flow straight into San Diego County according to the International Boundary and Water Commission. Most of the effluent flows through the Tijuana River Valley along the river, which originates in Mexico, but a […]

What Seinfeld Can Teach You about the Government’s Senseless War on Appliances

The federal government’s effort to save the planet by more aggressively regulating our appliances likely sounds utterly absurd to some and entirely sensible to others. What’s undebatable is that it’s a battle that stretches back decades. Friday, January 26, 2024 The Biden administration took a major action in 2022 to show it meant business in a war […]

Feds Spent $20 BILLION On Migrant Refugee Assistance

By Guest Contributor Jan 25, 2024 An all-time high in illegal entrants at the border creates all-time surge in taxpayer costs. Congressional budget justification FY2022 and FY2023 (numbers in the thousands) for Refugee and Entrant Assistance, The Administration of Children and Families (ACF). The U.S. border patrol made 2.5 million migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal […]

MTG slays it! “This is what the democrats can’t forgive”

By Kelly Jan 27, 2024 .@RepMTG lays out Donald Trumps destruction to the old Republican Party: “In 2016, President Trump ended the Bush dynasty, defeating Jeb Bush, and he also at the same time ended the Clinton dynasty when he defeated Hillary Clinton. Now we’re seeing in this election where he’s… — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) […]

UPDATE – Who is Nikki Haley’s donor, Reid Hoffman who also funded the E. Jean Carroll case ?

By Kelly Jan 19, 2024 UPDATE: Hoffman publicly backed Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll, and openly supported Carroll’s lawsuit and expressed concerns about Trump’s legal tactics. Hoffman’s support for Carroll has drawn attention due to his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, including visits to Epstein’s private island. Hoffman’s involvement in the case came to […]

Trump defeats Haley in NH primary – Keeps marching on

By Kelly Jan 24, 2024 AF Branco – Pattonesque Last night the New Hampshire GOP primary was emphatically won by former President Trump. He now turns his attention to the next battle in the home state of his only remaining opponent, Nikki Hayley, a form governor of the South Carolina, who refused to suspend her campaign […]

WEF work. Biden to choke small businesses in senseless and cruel move.

By  Guest Contributor Jan 25, 2024 New Biden Labor Dept. Rule Likely to Hurt Millions of Small Businesses, Independent Contractors Some 99% of American companies are small businesses, and 100% of businesses started out small, but a recently finalized rule from the Biden administration’s Labor Department will make it harder for small businesses to start, grow […]