Gotta wonder what happens in that empty head?

So, our United States President thinks that “White Supremacy” is the biggest threat to our country. Never mind: Expansionist China and the Chinese Communist Party Or the Russia-Ukraine war that threatens to spill over into the rest of Europe and could even become nuclear. Or a tanking economy at home. Or out-of-control inflation. Or the […]

Author of debunked 2016 Hillary Clinton’s Big Lie is currently US National Security Advisor.

Special Counsel John Durham released a 306-page report  on May 15th detailing how Democrat operatives packaged and sold a lie to the all-too-believing Obama administration FBI that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. The FBI is the most dangerous domestic terror organization in America. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) May 15, […]

Congress: Republicans Fight for Seniors Over Unjust Double Tax

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) announces reintroduction of the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act, H.R. 3206. This bill assists middle-class seniors by eliminating the unjust double tax on Social Security benefits. (1/3) I have reintroduced HR 3206, the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act. This bill assists middle-class seniors by eliminating the unjust double-tax on Social Security benefits. — Thomas Massie […]

7 Takeaways From Release of Durham Report on Origin of Trump-Russia Probe

By Guest Contributor  – May 16, 2023 15 Special counsel John Durham, in a widely anticipated report Monday, condemned the Justice Department and FBI for their conduct in the “Russian collusion” investigation of Donald Trump. Durham’s investigation looked at the origins of Crossfire Hurricane, the name of the FBI probe of whether Trump or his 2016 […]

Biden’s Latest Dim Lightbulb Idea Has Military Fuming

America’s commander in chief just laid another egg. President Joe Biden wants all Pentagon vehicles to be electric by 2030—in just six years and seven months. America’s fearless leader previewed this policy on Earth Day 2022. “We’re going to start the process where every vehicle in the United States military, every vehicle, is going to be climate-friendly—every vehicle,” […]

Is Agency Fudging the Data to make Biden Look Good on Key Economic Metric? We think so!

I watch a lot of business TV because every other form of news makes me want to throw my shoe at the screen like an irate jihardi at a Bush family gathering. So I have been perplexed by the past few months of jobs data coming from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The clue […]

Title 42 Ends This Week. Here’s What We Know About Unaccompanied Children Arriving at Southern Border

A 10-year-old girl from Honduras arrived at the southern border unaccompanied by adults. She told Sheena Rodriguez that she hoped to stay in America, and wanted to “color and get to know my father.” The Honduras girl is like so many other unaccompanied alien children, says Rodriguez, founder and president of Alliance for a Safe Texas. […]

Either they’re stupid — or they think we are…

The global warming cult is really ramping up their attack. While the theory of man-made global warming is accepted in all the better circles, some of us are still skeptical. In reality, the numbers just don’t add up.  In the rare instances where the numbers aren’t fudged, there is little evidence — but lots and […]